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Banthia Consultancy is the only experienced PAN-INDIA operating organization providing consultancy services in the field of Project Finance and Government Subsidy. If you are seeking financial assistance and guidance in Bank Finance , Interest Subsidy and Capital Subsidy, Udhyog Aadhar / LSI Registration, etc. etc. , Banthia Consultancy is your only trustworthy financial guide & friend in-deed, when you are in need...

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Banthia Consultancy has come a long way, over about 18 years & has a rich experience in the field of Project Finance & Government Subsidy.
You can choose us as Project Finance and Subsidy Consultants to get the best value for money.

Project Finance

An innovative financing technique for large scale projects,
fast catching up as a preferred option
for conventional financing


Government Benefit

A form of financial aid or support extended to an economic sector
with the aim of promoting economic and social policy
in various forms


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We are committed to providing superior, competent and personalized service at a level that is unmatched in the Loans and Subsidy industry. We have acquired a great reputation as reliable TUF Loans and Subsidy Consultants in India. We have the intellect, experience and the strategy to guide our Clients and help them make sound decisions. Choose Banthia Consultancy as your Project Finance and Subsidy Consultant because we have years of experience under our belt and reputable results to back up our claims. We are committed to providing maximum Financial aid and Consultancy so that you can enjoy great Financial Benefits.

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