Subsidy State Government

To promote the development of the industrial sector, especially MSME sector, the government has introduced various schemes that provide financial subsidy to the eligible enterprises. These subsidy schemes are specifically for certain industrial sectors and we help you get the benefit for your vast development...

GOGTP 2012

The Scheme was Firstly Launched on
05/09/2012 and Revised on Dt.
25/06/2013 for 5 years....

GSMP 2013

The GSMP-2013 scheme was Firstly
Launched on 26-02-2013 Valid
upto 25-02-2018....

MSME 2015

The Interest Subsidy Scheme was
Firstly launched on 2003
for 5 years....


Electricity duty is a duty charged by
government of Gujarat on
consumption of....

Gujrat Industrial Policy

The industrial policy 2015 aims to
encourage the manufacturing
sector to upgrade itself....

Tourism Policy

To encourage tourism related activities
and boost the tourism and
hospitality sector....

Plastic Policy

Plastic Industry is identified as
specific sector focus to promote
manufacturing industries....

GWS & IT Policy

Science & Technology Department,
Government of Gujarat had

Other State Scheme

Government of Maharashtra had
launched various subsidy scheme
for encourage....